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Welcome to Julia's Introduction Services.
Julias Introductions
The initial consulation is always free.

Let Julia take care of you.

(604) 738 - 3886

Last year, we matched more than 50% of our clients in long-term relationship.
We want to appreciate Julia's excellent introduction service. Due to her introduction, we knew each other and get married recently.   

Julia is a very nice and patient lady. She understands our requirements, and knows the personalities of every member, so that she can help us found the satisfied person.

We do believe that more and more people would find their life part with Julia's excellent introduction service.  

Li & Pan


I was quite hesitated before I met Julia . But later I was impressed by her warm, sincere and professional attitude, all my worries and tenseness disappeared, and also believed she is the right person I can trust.

Julia is very efficient. She always regularly introduced new numbers to me and arranged a lot of casual and relaxing functions. From the activities, I had more chances to discover who will be my Mr. Right.

Every time when I felt helpless and frustrated about my future life, Julia was always be my side. She fully understood my feeling and unceasingly encouraged me to try more without giving up. After conversation, all my nagative emotion vanished and became strong again.

Julia also personally set up special occasions for me to meet others. She totally understands the embarrassemnt in the first meet. So she always creates harmonious atmosphere let both parties talk comfortably and generate good impression for each other. I and my present boyfriend are one of the such secessful cases.

Hereby, I really appreciate all the helps from Julia and also strongly believe Julia can make your dream come true.



My wife and I have been happily married for two years. We own a lot of thanks to Julia. Through her, we each met quite a few people about our ages with similar interests. And finally, when my wife and I met, we knew that we were for each other.

When finding a life mate, we all want that perfect one, but with our busy schedules, the chances for finding that perfect one would greatly reduced without help from people like Julia. My wife and I all feel that our marriage is not coincident. In the first place, we all want a serious dating relationship and when we meet someone who wants the same things in life, things just happened.

Majority people will go through marriage. Most people who seek help from Julia have seriously thought about what they want for life. If you have seriously thought about finding a life mate, I strongly recommend you to seek help from Julia . Through her, you will meet many people just like you.



2004年春天,我终于做了决定,选择了温哥华作为长期居留之地。当我再次拨通JULIA的电话时,她的真诚再次让我感动。我们已成了久别相逢,无话不谈的老朋友。她不仅仅关心我的个人大事,甚至还热情地帮我寻找工作机会。不久经她的热情撮合,我认识了我现在的先生。我先生生性腼腆内向,但亦是文质彬彬。JULIA针对他的这个特点,给我们安排了一个非常自然的见面机会,我们三人在很轻松愉快的气氛中交谈,而我和他就在那次见面中得到认识,彼此留下很好的印象。在接下来的相处的日子里,偶尔我和他之间也会出现一些不开心不愉快甚至让我想打退堂鼓的事,这时JULIA 总是鼓励我继续走下去。

去年,我们终于走上了红地毯。如今,我们又添了爱情的结晶。在每一个阶段,总是有JULIA的关心,她总不时不时地会致电问候最新情况。她是那种不计个人得失,真诚想帮助别人的人。 她热爱她的这份事业,热爱她所关心的人和事。

In the spring of 2003, my emotional well being was at the bottom of the valley. I had lost faith in my relationship. I was at the cross road of deciding whether to stay in Vancouver or return to where I came from. All this created a lot of emotional stress for me. I was Lost at that time. By chance, , I met Julia through a mutual friend. She stroked me as a sincere, kind hearted and well meaning person and I feel very confortable talking to her. We had a long talk, and somehow, I felt must relieved after our conversation.

A year later, in early 2004, I have decided to stay in Vancouver. When I call Julia again, we were like old friends meeting after a long time. Again, I was impressed with her sincerity, her understanding and her willingness to listen. We have a lot of conversation during the ensuing months. She not only cares about me as an individual, she even uses her connection to find me a job. It is also Julia's doing that I come to know my present husband. He is a very shy person but an absolute gentleman and Julia understands this. She arranges our meeting in a very natural environment. With her presence, it made our first meeting very comfortable and we feel that there is future in our relationship . During the time when we are getting to know each other, there are naturally some lovers' fights and at time I feel frustrated and discouraged. At times I even want to end our relationship, but Julia is always at my side to encourage me and help me tide over those unpleasant times.

Last year, we finally decided to close our lock and we got married. This year, we have our first child.

We are so glad that Julia has been with us every step of the way. She is always there to care and to offer a warm hand. Her periodic phone calls, not for anything, just wanting to know how and what is happening, is always very heart warming.

Julia is that kind of person who places the well beings of those she cares above anything else, but above all, she loves her work. She derives her satisfaction from being able to help all those people that comes to her..



我和我的太太是通过JULIA介绍认识的.JULIA的服务诚恳周到细致.举办的活动丰富多彩 .在通过一段时间的了解后,我们结婚了.我们衷心感谢JULIA的帮忙.


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